{November} in the 


Late autumn...we say goodbye to the dahlias as the first frosts arrive and we come to the end of the growing season in the cutting garden

{Things to do} THIS MONTH /November 

Enjoy the last of the blooms   

  • Gather the last of the annuals and dahlias before they are taken by the frosts....you won't see them again until next summer.

  • Ensure dahlias are labelled correctly so that you will be able to identify them later when you come to lift and store them for winter. 

  • Make a note of any varieties that you want to propagate or any you didn't like. 

Prepare for winter  


  • Cut back and mulch (or lift) dahlias once the first frosts have arrived. Watch the 'End of Season Dahlias' video here.  

  • Lift and store any other tender bulbs like gladioli and overwinter somewhere frost-free.

  • Get ahead on jobs now if you can whilst you still have the weather on your side - that way you won't be forced to do things later once the really cold weather has set in.

  • Clear beds and borders and mulch with compost and manure. 

  • Cut roses back taller shrub and bush roses by 1/3 to prevent them swaying around too much and damaging the plant. They should be pruned again later in the season - normally late winter around February).  

Work on next year's garden

  • Keep a careful eye on hardy annual seedlings - they can easily dry out. Water from below (sit the pots/seed trays in a large tray of water for half an hour) - this helps prevent the seedlings damping off.

  • Sow sweet peas if you haven't already. 

  • Plant out tulips (and other spring bulbs if you haven't already). Tulips don't mind being planted a little later, but alliums and daffodils need to go in the ground as soon as possible.

  • Pot up indoor flowering bulbs such as paperwhites and narcissus. Keep them somewhere cool until you see a couple of inches of growth and then bring them indoors to the warmth. Staggering the planting will prolong the flowering period. 

  • Start off ranunculus claws and anemone corms - soaking them first before 'pre-sprouting'. Pot them up into pots once they have a couple of inches of growth and overwinter somewhere frost-free. 

  • Take time to indulge in the planning of your spring garden.....plot and plan and dream....next year can be even bigger and better. 

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